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utada87's Journal

5 October
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  • utada87@livejournal.com
my name is Allyson and my reason for joining this live journal is because i would like to join the lolita group called so_lolita. I just recently got into lolita stuff and i really enjoy actively participating in my hobbies (that's probably why i enjoy anime conventions lol). Right now i am in the facebook groups called "GTA Lolita" and "Southern Ontario Lolitas".

a lil bit about myself, i am finishing my last year of university in the city of Waterloo and im really excited to be done school soon!! XD my plans after school are to teach abroad in japan for a year or so. i really want to work with children because i really enjoy their energy and people say i am a big kid myself lol.
i am really into asian music and the asian scene over all ^^. i enjoy watching asian dramas, music videos and anime. i always liked anime but at first was only exposed to sailor moon and DDZ and pokemon (what was available on ytv lol). but it wasn't until Inuyasha was aired on ytv that i fell in love with it and wanted to watch every episode and started watching it online. that is when the anime world opened up to me :) and i enjoyed tons of kinds. Inuyasha still remains my faviourite anime to this day. i am loyal to it cuz i love it :D. i enjoy cosplay and have cosplayed and many anime conventions and was voted into being the mascot this school year coming up for the anime club at my university.
as for asian music, all the theme songs and Japanese music played in the animes made me interested in asian artists. another big push towards asian music was when i hear the song "passion" by Utada Hikaru on the tv commercial for the kingdom hearts video game. i looked up the song online and instantly fell in love with the mv as well as the song! she became one of my fav asian singers and still is! after hearing her music i looked up her others songs and explored with other artists. my asian music interests have spread and now i enjoy music from china, korea and japan.
i guess i didn't get into lolita stuff until last year. i was always fascinated and mesmerized by the lolita dresses and styles worn by anime characters and anime goers at anime conventions. it wasnt until the anime north that just passed in may that i didnt come across any anime characters that i wanted to cosplay as so i decided to just wing it and were anime asian inspired type clothes. when i saw lolita style as an option and started browsing the style and fell in love with all the types of styles and numerous accessories! i have always loved to dress up and look girly so i was bound to love this fashion lol. so far i have only worn my lolita dresses at anime north and a few cosplay picnics and i enjoy wearing it and would jump at a chance to wear it more. I feel being part of the southern ontario lolita group would allow me to interaction with people that have similar interests, learn more about the fashion, and get a chance to share and show my love for lolita ^^.